“I came up the mountain and to the retreat totally unaware of what I was going to receive that weekend. I arrived quite late the first night due to a musical gig I had earlier that evening. In fact, most people were sleeping when I got there. However, I was greeted by a beautiful friendly face, who made sure I arrived, and greeted me so lovingly. What was to transpire over the next 36 hours was absolutely mind boggling. Not only did I discover much about myself, I saw lives transform right before my eyes. The brilliance of Gino Walker and her loving soul, made everyone feel safe and free to express. The leadership of Rev. Jane and the support of her beautiful community, made it even the more amazing. AND, the zipline …. exhilarating!!! I highly recommend this weekend for anyone who’s willing to grow and expand into a more joyful way of living!”

Karyn, San Juan Capistrano

WOW! What an amazing life transforming retreat with heart opening and uplifting music. I saw lives changed before my eyes.

Linna, Chula Vista